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Question About US Business Visa

Ken asks…

how can i get business visa of US ?

I am indian graduate 40 years male.

Best Answer:

Visit this site, it has got comprehensive info on B1 Visa.




Business Visa (B-1) is appropriate for activities such as
 Consult with business associates
 Attend a scientific, educational, professional or business
convention, or a conference on specific dates
 Settle an estate
 Negotiating a contract
 Participate in short-term training
This is not an all-inclusive list. You can’t get business visa to start conducting business in USA or help someone in family business. You are not allowed to work in US while on business visa. You may get paid salary from home country company while you stay in US on business visa, but you can not work under the supervision or under an American employer.

In addition to the documents required for visitors visa, business (B-1) visa seekers should also consider taking the following documents:
 Invitation letter from the US counterpart / Company with which you
are going to conduct business.
 Letter from your employer or company that is sending you to the U.S.
 Exchanges of correspondence with U.S. Purchasers, suppliers or
 Recent contracts, bills of lading or other documentary evidence of
recent imports and exports of purchases

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