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Helen asks…

Is a permanent resident OR someone on a student visa allowed to adopt an US child?

My husband and I will be moving to the US in the next year or two. As yet we are uncertain what visas etc. we will be going on. Most likely I will have a student visa and my husband will probably have an employment based permanent visa. Will either of these visas allow US to adopt a child?
Thanks Heather.

For the poster below, I’m not planning on adopting a child and shipping it out like you seem to be implying. We will be in the states for 7 years and would like to adopt a child who wouldn’t otherwise have the life that we would be able to provide it with. Your right there not puppies, although why you seem to think that I think they are is a mystery.

Best Answer:

I don’t understand all the negative reaction. Unless they have a problem with “exporting” an American child.

If I understand your situation – you are looking to adopt. Since you are planning to be in the US for a number of years it makes sense to adopt in the US rather than wait until you’re back “home”.

As far as I know, there are no restrictions on non-US citizens adopting US children. The fact that you’ll be staying in the US for a while will be in your favor. Would you consider an open adoption? A “special needs” or older child? Make sure you are well informed of the child’s family situation. There are some unscrupulous people out there who are more interested in “obtaining product” than finding a loving home for a child in need – don’t be fooled by marketing ploys – these kids weren’t found under a cabbage leaf – there are real families out there. Make sure you know the true and complete story.

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