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Sandy asks…

US Student Visa For My Child?

I’m a Permanent Resident in Canada. I’m trying to help my daughter go after her dreams, which is becoming a dancer, model and actress. Because we live in Canada, the chances of her being successful are very small. So she brought up temporarily moving to New York with her aunt, cousins and uncle-in-law, which they all agreed to. She’s 14. Now, for her to move there, she’d have to obtain a Student Visa. So is it possible? She would study there while modeling, etc. Being accompanied by her aunt, who will pretty much be her legal guardian. Any help is appreciated.

Best Answer:

How old is your daughter. I’ll answer based on an F1 student visa for college or university, since that is what I have experience with. Yes, if your daughter get’s accepted into a school, she can get an F1 visa fairly easily (you get the actual visa at the border crossing, so you don’t have to go to the embassy or anything). You generally have to provide proof of funding (bank statements, etc. That say she can afford to go to school in the states).

The only problem is that on an student visa, she cannot have an off-campus job. Therefore, she could do modeling work, but cannot get paid for it (unless it is in cash and she does not report it, but that is technically illegal).

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