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Question About US Citizenship

Mandy asks…

Dual Canadian/US citizenship?

My mother and I were talking the other night about citizenships, and a question stumbled upon US that we are both curious about.

My grandfather (her dad) held both a Canadian and US citizenship.
My mother (born in Canada) was under the impression that that in turn granted her a dual citizenship – but I don’t think she’s ever filed papers, or whatever has to be done to obtain that.
My mother turned 50 this year.
As her daughter (who is 22, born in Canada) do I have any claim to a dual citizenship, or were the ties cut a long time ago?

Purely out of curiousity! Thanks!

Best Answer:

Your mother has a claim to US citizenship through the legal principle known as jus sanguinis (“right of the blood”). This means citizenship which results from having an American parent or parents.

The current law is that your grandfather must have been present for 5 years in the USA prior to your mothers birth, and at least two of those years were after he turned 14. Prior to 1986 it was 10 years instead of 5.

Unfortunately, the law has changed several times and to determine citizenship for any person, the laws in effect at the time of their birth must be applied. Look at the link in the source for specific dates.

The same rules apply to you. That is if your mother meets the citizenship and physical presence requirements prior to your birth, you may also have a claim.

Note that a foreign-born child whose parent(s) have fulfilled the residency or physical presence requirements is considered a US citizen by birth. This citizenship is automatic; it is not dependent on the parents’ registering the child with a US consulate.

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