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Susan asks…

US dual citizenship with U.K?

Hello there, i am looking into claiming dual citizenship seein as my dad has this. I am 15 but believe you have to apply by the time your 18 and my father has to have lived in the U.S for a few years, am i right? Please feel free to correct me, i have no clue at the moment.

My dad’s father was an American Citizen and that is how my dad claimed dual citizenship. Thanks for your time, Jordan.x

Best Answer:

The US doesn’t recognize dual citizenship. This means it is ignored – the US only sees the US citizenship you hold. This cuts both ways, as it doesn’t protect you from the obligations you have (Military duty and income taxes) from the other countries you are a citizen of. If you normally live outside the US, you will need to file a US income tax return each year, even if you didn’t work in the US. You must always use your US passport to enter and leave the US; it is illegal not to.

If you are only 15, you can file form N-600K (if you aren’t living in the US) Your father must have lived in the US for at least 5 years (2 of them must be after the age of 14). If you live in the US, Use form N-600.

Form N-400 is used only to naturalize yourself, not when you are claiming citizenship through a parent.

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