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Question About US Citizenship Process

Daniel asks…

US Citizenship processing time?

I will be eligible to file for my US citizenship in early 2009. I’m from India. I want to get my citizenship fast and immediately file for my parents’ green card.
1. At what stage DURING my citizenship process am I eligible to file for my parents’ green card? Do I have to wait
for my US passport to arrive or can i file DURING my process itself?
2. Whats the processing time to reach that stage (when I become eligible to file for my parents)? Is it taking much longer
this year because of huge rush to get US passport? What was the citizenship processing time in last 2 years? I’m trying to get an estimate of citizenship processing time in 2009:) I’m in San Jose, CA.


Best Answer:

Citizenship applications are taking roughly 6 months. You can start now to watch the processing times for your Local Office for N-400 (even though you send your application to the Service Center, the Local Office will adjudicate) to get an idea of how long they have been taking. This is no guarantee for your own case, but will give you an idea.

You do not file for your parents’ Green Cards. When you are a citizen (after your oath ceremony) you can use a copy of your Citizenship Certificate to file PETITIONS for your parents (one each).
These petitions will take about 6 months to be approved, and then your parents will be invited to apply for an Immigrant Visa through the NVC, National Visa Center, a part of the Dept of State.
Visa processing will take another 4-8 months, depending.

You should go to uscis,.gov and read the following article:
How Do I Bring My Parents to Live in the United States?

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