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Question About US Citizenship Test

Donald asks…

Can illiterate people be exused from taking the reading/writing part of the US citizenship test?

My parents are applying for US citizenship but they are completely illiterate because they we born and raised in an isolated village in the Himalayas of Pakistan, where there were no schools. Is there any way they can be exempted from the reading and writing part of the test?

P.s My father has some knowledge on american history from his 15-20 years of experience living here but my mother has lived here only for 11 years and doesnt know too much.

Best Answer:

As noted, your father can get the English test waived if he has lived here at least 20 years after getting permanent residency. If part of his living experience was with a student or other visa and he acquired a green card later, then he would not meet the residency requirement, and he still has to take the citizenship test. Your mother does not qualify for any exemptions. If your parents want the benefits of US citizenship, including eligibility for government benefits, then they will need to learn to read. Even if they have little prior schooling and even if they are older, they can still learn to read. Your community almost certainly has free English classes for immigrants, and your parents won’t be the only illiterate students. If your parents can take up the challenge of immigrating to the US and adapt to life in the US, they CAN learn to speak and read English IF they put their minds to it.

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