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Richard asks…

Suggest me some universities in US?

I have got 104 in TOEFL, and my GPA (converted) must be pretty good.(My country doesn’t have GPA system, but I am definitely in the top 5% of my country). The worst part is : I haven’t appeared for SAT, and the next possible date I can appear in June 9. I had completed my high school in 2013 August, so I am going to have a 1 year gap, but I have job experience as a teacher in this time. Please suggest me some universities that I can catch up within the deadline for fall, and yes I want scholarships, so please suggest the ones that can give me maximum possible scholarships. (Yeah, I don’t have SAT right now, but still I know I can find universities that can give me full tuition scholarships based on GPA). Or, may be someone can suggest me scholarship-giving universities that have rolling admissions, or deadlines till mid-July for Fall semester so that I will have my SAT scores ready by then. I was wondering, may be some universities have late scholarship deadlines for fall semester. I want to catch the fall semester, because I think I already have wasted a lot of time(well, I had no option then, personal problems I may call). May be I can go for spring semester too if they give me scholarships. And, also tell me if any SAT-optional university provide full ride scholarships to international students?

Well, i asked a lot and i am not sure if they were clear enough to understand, Please suggest me anythg at least drop a name of a university and i will go through website.Thanks

Best Answer:

Take your SATs in June. Admissions will open in the fall for Fall 2015 (2015-2016 school year). You’re impossibly late to apply for Fall 2014. Acceptances went out in March and need to confirmed by 1 May to have any hope of applying for student visa in time. You have missed 2014-15 school year, and that’s that.

Financial aid, especially for foreign students, is very scarce & very hotly contested. Only 6-7% of foreign students in the US receive any financial aid through their schools. USD10,000 is considered a “generous” award, & that’s about 20% of annual total costs. Best sources of scholarships for international use is to win one of the many international competitions for high school students (you missed out on all that long ago), or see if your country has any program for its best & brightest citizens to study abroad and bring back needed skills for your country’s development.

To apply for a student visa, you must have your I-20 Form from the university (get accepted, and confirm by paying your deposits or first semester, per school rules). You also need to prove you have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses, plus return transportation to your country of citizenship. Expect to show you have at least $50,000 for your first year (more, as some schools charge $50k or more just for a year’s tuition), plus parents’ incomes & assets sufficient to provide at least that much more every year for the full 4 years.

To research schools, best way to start is with one of the many guidebooks, such as Barron’s Guide to US Colleges & Universities. Available on amazon, larger bookstores, some larger libraries. Once you narrow your list to schools which offer the degree & program you want to major in, then go to the schools’ websites.

You fail to mention your proposed major, what sort of school you’re looking for, what qualifications you have in addition to grades. US schools want well-rounded students, and grades, class rank & test scores are NOT enough to get accepted. With over 3000 universities in the US, we cannot begin to imagine what you actually are looking for.

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