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Question About US Citizenship Test 2014

Ruth asks…

Is the Global citizenship Diploma recognised?

I’m going to be completing 12 years of school by 2014, and our grade are going to be the first to graduate with this high school certificate ( Global Citizenship Diploma ).
I have heard good things and bad things about it. I believe its American..

Universities in my region recognise this certificate but I’m thinking of studying abroad, I know its recognised in the US but will universities in Australia, Canada and the UK accept/recognise it?

Best Answer:

It really doesn’t matter, they don’t look at that degree, they look at the courses you took to evaluate where you fit in their system. You send your transcripts and a description of your courses to the institution abroad where you wish to study so that they can be convalidated (so they can determine where to place you in their system). There are three outcomes, that you need to take a test or multiple tests to get in the institution or take courses prior to attending, that you can begin your studies, or that you can begin your studies and get credit for course work you have already done.

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