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Michael asks…

CR1 Immigrant Visa Interview.?

My wife’s going for a CR1 immigrant visa interview in next month overseas MONGOLIA. And I’m little worried. We’ve been married little over a year. We haven’t spent that much time together physically (about 2 months in 2 years But our hearts are true), and the reason we spent so little time together physically is because I had to return to US everytime I went there to keep my job. Now since i don’t have a job, i can go there anytime I want. The Consular officer told her that she needs to present them with a good proof that the marriage is legitimate. All we have is photos of US together (however we do not have photos of US making out or anything… just such as hugging and holding hands and stuff). We haven’t had the wedding yet. but we registered our marriage and had a little marriage ceremony. What should we do in this case to show them that our marriage is true? Do I have to go there and be interviewed with her? Does that help? but traveling over there is that’s a lot of money that we do not currently have. she satisfies the medical examinations and has no criminal record from her country or any other country, and I qualified for the financial part with a joint sponsor. any advice? thanks guys by the way I’m a Mongolian-American citizen and my wife’s mongolian citizen if that helps.

Best Answer:

I’m not sure if US embassy does different interview in every country, we processed paperworks but K3 visa in the philippines , i showed a lot of photos of US together that i have, letters/cards,few western union receipts, it’s not only the matter of pictures, as long as she can present “some” of it..that the two of you are involved.and of course, her answer just firmly ” she loves you and you want to be together”.

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