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Question About US CR1 Visa

Michael asks…

CR1 Visa(Immigration Visas)?

Husband has been issued an immigration Visa CR1. We do not know if he can come to the US and then return back to where he and I work. His visa expires within 6 months so this means he must enter the US within six months but can he leave after entery. How long does he has to remain there and must he return every six months and do I an American Citizen have to go with him on his first entery?

Please help !

Best Answer:

CR1 means conditional resident married to a US Citizen. However, it appears that he is already in violation by not maintaining a US residence (if he has made first entry). If it is his first entry and you reside outside the US, then he may not be allowed in.

At the port of arrival, the officers will make a decision. It would help if you were there. Because if you are living outside the US it will affect his status.

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