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Question About US CR1 Visa Interview Questions

Charles asks…

My husband (US citizen) applied for a a visa for me. visa interview tomorrow in ciudad juarez?? help! ?

My parents brought me to the u.s when I was 3. We we’re trying to legalize our situation and hired a quack attorney who filed an asylum petition of course we didn’t qualify and the judge gave US voluntary departure. Right before left I married my bf of 3 years and began the process of th I130 so I could return. Its been 1.5 years and i finally have my appointment tomorrow. What can i expect at the interview? Exactly what visa am i applying for? CR1? What questions will they ask me? If u have expeienced this please give me your input. Or If u know someone who has… no mean answers please. Thank you (I know about the
10 yr ban) Also did I need the psycological exam with my medical exam?? They didnt give me one at the clinic n I read that I need it somewhere on th internet…
I am 23 years old and yes i left on the date that my voluntary departure was scheduled ( a day early actually) i left the US june 2009 so that means i stayed past my 18th birthday definitely. i know that the odds are against me on that 10 year ban but i have a doubt because our last lawyer (who filed a motion to review our asylum case on the grouds that we had bad legal advise and counsel from the quack attorney) had told US that the judge had been very generous in giving US the voluntary departure that he was probably moved by our hearwrenching story (it was me and my mom my 11 year old sister, a u.s citizen) at the time read a letter during the hearing) and he had revoked our 10 year ban. idk if she actually said that or something similar or if its just something i WANT to remember. is this even possible?

Best Answer:

Actually, it’s difficult to say if you’re absolutely subject to a 10 year bar or not.for one thing, you don’t tell US how old you are, or how long after your asylum application was denied were you given Voluntary Departure, or if you left on time with the VD date. So, that answer can be rather complicated given the asylum application. You certainly could be and if you are, as Yak Rider says, you’ll be denied your visa and you’ll have to apply for a waiver through USCIS, and get it, before you can get your visa.

If your husband filed an immigrant petition for you and you’ve been married for less than 2 years, you’ll be considered for a CR-1 visa. They’ll ask you questions about your husband, how you met, what you know about him, have you remained in touch since you left and whether he’s come to visit. Take whatever proof you have on these points. Also, unless you were in treatment previously, or you start acting like you should be at the interview, you don’t need a psychological exam. It’s not part of the usual process.

Edit: well, it’s at least possible that you aren’t subject to the 10 year bar. Normally your time in the US once you’ve filed an asylum application isn’t counted as illegal presence until a decision is made. Time spent in the US prior to your 18th birthday also doesn’t count. A person would have to see the record and the databases to really know for sure.

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