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George asks…

How Long Until the Visa Interview After Turning In Your I-864 Papers?

I am American and my wife is Chinese from Beijing and we know that she will have a visa interview in GuangZhou. But our question is, after turning in the I-864 papers, how long does it GENERALLY take for someone to get an interview. We ask this because we need to know whether to accept a summer job offer or not. On our paperwork it says they will inform US 1 month before the interview. So we think we will have at least 2 months to stay in Beijing because we havent turned the papers in yet.


Best Answer:

Direct consular filing, might give you an interview in 2 to 4 months.

Applying for a CR1 visa, will require a two day trip to Guangzhou.

Then the visa is issued, and it is good for 6 months.

So if your summer job allows you to take leave for a few days (in order to attend the interview)
and is over in less than 6 months (most summer jobs are) you should not have a problem
to do job AND visa.


Fred Wahl

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