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William asks…

Can he get a marriage visa to live in the US if..?

So I’m just dating this guy. Just dating but I’m a female & I like to think of marriage future etc. but yeah lol. So I’m a US citizen & I came to visit my step dads family in mexico for a few months & I met this guy & I really like him. & one day If we got married would he become a citizen in the US & be able to live with me in the US? Even though he’s gotten involved with the police once or twice not very serious serious things though? Thanks.

Best Answer:

Once you get serious. You would apply for him to get a visa to the USA.

If you plan to marry IN the USA you apply for a Fiancee Visa.

If you marry IN Mexico, you apply for a Spousal Visa.

AFTER he arrives in the USA, he gets a green card. AFTER 3 years of living with you, with his green card, HE can apply for US citizenship

Easier? Both are about equally complicated, and have similar steps of petitioning, and interviewing.

More Expensive? Fiancee visa is about $ 800 more costly.

Faster? Fiancee visa is about 6 months faster

The K-1 fiancee visa allows your fiance to come to the USA to marry you. Once here you marry, then apply for his Green Card.

The average time from submitting your Fiancee petition to USCIS till he has the visa in his passport is now about 5 to 7 months.

$340 Fiancee visa filing fee, when you originally applies to USCIS
$200 medical exam fee, just prior to his interview at the consulate
$240 Visa application fee, just prior to his interview at the consulate
$1,070 Green Card application fee, after marriage, to allow him to remain permanently in the USA

The spousal visa process is currently much slower, and is taking on average 10 to 14 months from the time you submit your petition till he gets the visa stamped into his passport.

The CR-1 marriage visa process, automatically includes approval for the Green Card.

$420 Spousal visa filing fee, when you originally apply to USCIS
$80 Affidavit of Support Fee, paid to Department of State (National Visa Center), about 7 months
$230 Visa application fee, paid to Department of State (National Visa Center), about 8 months
$200 medical exam fee, just prior to your interview at the consulate


A. The proof that you have a “bone fide” relationship is the same.
See how to prove your relationship is bone fide:

B. Spousal Visa takes at least 6 to 8 months longer

C. Paperwork: Fiancee Visa: 2 document submissions, Spousal Visa: 3 document submissions.

D. Minimum Income Eligibility Requirements are the Same

K1 Fiancee Visa

Pro: You can apply as soon as you have met face to face
Con: If you do not meet financial eligibility: Some consulates may not allow use of a financial co-sponsor

CR1 Spousal Visa

Pro: Green card is included, you save about $800 in fees.
Pro: If you do not meet financial eligibility: Use of a financial co-sponsor is permitted
Con: You must marry first before submitting.
Con: Takes much longer
Con: Three sets of documents to prepare

More details and video explanation are at

Best of luck with your plans

Fred Wahl

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