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Question About US Embassy Manila

David asks…

What are some good cheap hotels near the US embassy and St. Luke’s medical in Manila?

So my fiance and her father are traveling to the embassy for her final interview and the nearby St. Luke’s for her medical exam and vaccinations. Needless to say I need to buy them a nice respectable hotel room nearby to meet their needs. They are used to the safer areas of Davao and not the big dangerous city so I want to keep them safe and comfortable but nearby enough to use public transport. Suggestions?

Best Answer:

Bayview Park which is right across the street from the embassy is the only real choice for her interview. More about that later.

My wife stayed at the Cherry Blossoms hotel when she went for her visit to St Luke’s. I think it was the closest to the hospital.

Then, when we went for the interview we stayed at the Bayview Park Hotel. Verrry convenient. You see, the line to get into the embassy starts about 2 AM. Being right across the street was a great idea. Be sure to tip the guys if you use their chairs outside the embassy gate. I think the embassy gates opened about 7 AM and they lead you into a courtyard inside the gates but still outside the embassy. Then, at 8 or so they open the embassy doors so you can get inside. First thing they do is have a paperwork check, then you sit back down and wait for the pre-interview interview which was with a Filipino embassy employee who took all her papers. Then, after sitting for awhile, you are called to the interview where she will meet a consular-type person who will ask more questions.

Because I was there and am an American citizen, I was allowed full access and sat in the interview and all, but I DOUBT her father will be allowed access into the embassy. Just a “heads-up” so he doesn’t get surprised or frustrated.

The embassy process took maybe 3-4 hours with most of it waiting in line EVEN AFTER YOU GET INSIDE the embassy.

Good Luck

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