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Question About US Embassy Manila

Daniel asks…

Is Tune Hotel Of Ermita Manila Close to US Embassy?

How close is Tune hotel to the US Embassy? Also, is it close enough to just ride a taxi to St. Luke’s Medical Extension Clinic?

Thank you for the time.

Best Answer:

From any place in Ermita, you can WALK to the US Embassy and St. Lukes Ex.

Embassy-7 blocks from Tune Hotel

St Lukes- 6 blocks from hotel. 3 from Embassy. Both like 8-10 minute walks.

If you are probinsyana the taxi will drive you in circles and charge you p500 per trip. Confer google maps. It’s easy.

Don’t forget that you are going to St Lukes EXTENSION. Nowhere near St Lukes. Also, visa processing is no longer done at the US Embassy proper. You must go to the New Annex.

Hope he’s not 6 times your age. Good luck!

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