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Steven asks…

Part Time Job in an Embassy in the Philippines?

I’m an Asian Studies Major and I was wondering if the Embassies of different countries here in the Philippines accept students who wish to apply for a part time job a their embassy?

Best Answer:

Not sure if by part time you mean 12 hours a day? Asian studies major? In Asia? Hehe. I don’t that is a hugely needed skill. I believe, like most jobs, you need to already have a degree and several years experience in your career.

If you work at the US embassy, you will have to deal with angry and violent foreigners all day.

You will not get any better chance at a visa. You will also get the standard local wage. That’s why they hire locals(though US citizens can apply also). Maybe high for here though. Obviously, these jobs are strictly screened and highly competitive.

Have you bothered to view the three positions available at present:

EDIT- I noticed you are in America already. You will need a resident visa and work permit. Also, fluency in Tagalog, and familiarity with Philippines telephone systems. Seeing as how you need to be a resident with a working visa PRIOR to application, you cannot apply from the USA.

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