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Question About US Embassy Manila Case Status

Mark asks…

how long does it take from manila US embassy to approve a fiance visa?

i filed my fiance visa 10 january and got approve 26th of january. got forwarded to NVC 1st of feb and today i called NVC they said its on its way to US embassy manila… i got the mnl case number… does anybody know how long does it take from here to get it approve? how long does it take to get the medical and interview done???? please need real advice from people thats been in this boat… thank you

Best Answer:

If all requirements are met, fiance visa from start to finish takes 6 months. When Manila US Embassy received your papers from the NVC, they will send you intruction on how to apply for your visa, medical and interview. You can check your status on their website “Case Pending”, enter your MNL number.

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