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Question About US Embassy Manila Case Status

Lisa asks…

I am in manila my girlfriend received her K-1 visa today how do I stop the K-1 I am in Manila if I decide to?

Best Answer:

Do you know if the petition has been approved? If so, it may be at the US Embassy. Did you recieve an approval notice yet?

In order to withdraw a petition, the Embassy must receive a signed written statement from an authorized representative of the petition (the applicant, the petitioner, the applicant’s attorney) stating that the petition should be withdrawn and explaining why you would like to withdraw it.

If you have an application receipt number, you can check the status of your case.

An applicant or petitioner may withdraw an application or petition at any time until a decision is issued or, in the case of an approved petition, until the person is admitted or granted adjustment or change of status, based on the petition. However, a withdrawal may not be retracted.

I would write to every agency I could think of, e.g., the embassy where the visa application will be done, the office that adjudicated/received the petition, and/or the Immigration office. Just include as much data as you can, e.g., receipt number, file number, names, dates of birth, citizenship, etc.

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