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John asks…

US Passport Renewal from Philippines?

I have this US Passport w/ Greencard/SSS Card etc in it. My Dad applied it for me when I was still a baby. I’m half filipino and american. My dad left US after that and never came back. What should I do to renew my US Passport that was applied almost 18 years ago. Thanks. your answer is very much appreciated…

Best Answer:

You can renew it at the US embassy in Manila…..

Passport Renewal

All US citizens seeking passport, citizenship and birth registration services should first contact (63) (2) 879-4747 (ACS-Air21/FEDEX Local Courier Service), 7:30am – 4:30 pm, Mon-Fri, except American and Philippine holidays) to obtain a hardcopy of the necessary forms and requirements listed below.The US Embassy has partnered with Air21/FedEx to provide blank forms, pick-up completed forms and documents, and deliver passports/Consular Report of Birth Aboard to any location in the Philippines for a nominal fee.


(for renewal)

Personal Appearance: If your most recent passport was issued at the age of 16 or older and issued less than 15 years ago, the personal appearance requirement is waived and you can use FORM DS-82. All others will need to complete Form DS-11 and appear before a US consular officer at the US Embassy. Applicants will be contacted by the US Embassy to set-up an appointment after the application form is submitted.


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