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Question About US Embassy Manila Interview

Donald asks…

I am going to have an interview for a k1 visa fiance in US embassy manila. What kind if documents do you bring?

Best Answer:

In general you should bring, and be ready to present the following documents:

First the forms that you prepared will be collected and looked at. ( DS-156, DS-157, DS-156k, DS-230)

Then the officer will want to see your important id documents, passport, birth certificates, police clearances, Cenomar etc.

So make sure the above items are easy to get to.

Then he will be asking about your proof of a ‘bone fide’ relationship. The best place to start for this is a bunch of photos of you and your Fiancee together. Some bring a loose stack of photos, some an album. I recommend you prepare an album that reflects the history of your relationship, from beginning to present. In addition to photos, you might include a very few well chosen, emails, screenshots, cards, ticket stubs, etc. Something like a scrap book of memories of your relationship. But keep it simple, make it something pleasant that you would show to your mom or girlfriends, that would take only a few moments to flip through. Do not make a telephone book full of documents.

In addition I would bring a small handful of loose photos. Choose the best dozen. Sometimes a consular officer likes to hold, and flip through photos to select a few to keep with your case files.

Finally, the consular officer will ask to see your Fiance’s Affidavit of Support I-134, tax papers, pay stubs.

A short video I recorded that describes the consulate interview process at Manila

Best of luck with your interview

Fred Wahl

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