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Question About US Embassy Manila Visa Application

Betty asks…

Visa questions that are asked in the US Embassy in Manila Philippines.?

Does anyone know what kind of questions are asked by the US Embassy in Manila, to get tourist VISA for the USA?? Any one knows any kind of questions given by americans in the US Embassy in Manila? Please help me…Im nervous………..salamat guys

Best Answer:

There is no specific set of questions during the interview but you will have to bring necessary documents/proofs that will show you have a strong ties there in the Philippines that would warrant for you to come back after your visit and not to overstay here in the US.I have some friends in the past that were not even asked to present the papers they brought, some were given visa and a few were denied.Just don’t lie or try to pad your assets.They have been dealing with all possible scenarios that any applicant can do just to get a visa so they already know how to probe or pre-assess your application even before your interview date.

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