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Question About US Embassy Manila Visa Application

John asks…

regarding temporary resident visa in canada drop box application, manila embassy?

this december we applied for temporary visa or tourist visa as family of four(my parents, my sister and me). my sister and I was denied because we are unemployed but my parents didnt get any visa or have been processed to get visa. the embassy only gave US two refusal letter, to me and my sister which is 17 y/o, im wondering why they didnt give my parents a refusal letter and a visa. can anyone help me. thank you

Best Answer:

Yours and your sister’s application have been denied since the visa officer was not satisfied that you leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident because of your current employment situation and the limited employment prospects in your country of residence.

For your parents this obviously did not apply and therefore their applications will go through the regular administrative processing. 70% of the tourist applications are processed within 14 days, 26% take up to 28 days, and 4% longer than 28 days.

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