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Sandra asks…

How can I get my Egyptian Fiance a US tourist visa?

I’ve recently gotten engaged to an Egyptian man in Cairo. My family wants to meet him in person as they have spoken to him many times on chat. I was studying abroad and his family was hosting me in Egypt. I know he is not trying to get a green card out of me (for any of you who are suspicious). He doesn’t want to immigrate to the US or even stay in the US for more than a month. We just want to get him a tourist visa so he can stay and meet my family for 2 weeks with the most being 3 weeks. We would love for him to come to visit in December so he can experience how Christians celebrate Christmas since I stayed/lived with him all of Ramadan in Egypt.

I’m not looking for relationship advice! I just want to know how to get him a tourist visa to come meet my family for Christmas. We are wishing/praying for him to come at December since my brother will be bringing his Japanese fiancee to visit in December after living in Japan for 3 years.

What can we do? I tried going to the embassy and speaking/ getting help but i was refused entry and no one answers their phones or emails. Do I need to write my fiance a letter of support? He has many ties to Egypt as he is a university student and also is in the middle of inheriting a property (which is going through the courts for legalization).

So what can we do? What are the steps? Where do we even start?

Best Answer:

To get him a tourist visa is going be very difficult. There are two ways you can go about this, you can a get a fiance visa, this will most likely get approved but you do have to get married in 3 months. If you don’t want to go that route, you should not write a letter of support or do anything to help with his visa in anyway as it is more likely he will get denied. I would get a family member, preferably male, to sponsor his visa that would have a higher chance. Also send finical records of who ever is sponsor that shows they can support him for 2 to 3 weeks but not more. The reason for this is the U.S. Wants to make sure he is not immigrating or tiring to. If you sponsor him the person looking at his app can put 2 and 2 together. Also if you don’t have enough to support he would need to find work, on the other hand if you can support him for a long time he doesn’t need to leave. Still it’s tough.

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