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Question About US Fiance Visa Checklist

Susan asks…

if i marry a US citizen?

im from ireland and if i marry a US citizen can i get a US passport and become a citizen of the US

Best Answer:

This is the process if your significant other files for a fiance visa.


Your fiance will have to file Petition for Alien Fiancé (e), Form I-129F…along with Form G-325A Biographic Information, current fees and any required documentation to the appropriate USCIS Service Center.
After a few weeks, the U.S. Petitioner receives Form I-797, the first Notice of Action (NOA), from the USCIS acknowledging that the petition has been received.
Depending on processing times, the petitioner then receives the second NOA from the USCIS acknowledging that the petition has been approved.

The USCIS Service Center forwards the petition to the National Visa Center.

The National Visa Center will process the file and run preliminary background checks on the beneficiary, then forward the approved petition to the beneficiary’s embassy, as listed in the I-129F

The embassy receives the file and processes it locally.

The embassy sends a package to the beneficiary that includes a checklist of documents that must be collected. The beneficiary will be instructed to send certain items back to the embassy immediately, while other items will be brought to the interview.

The beneficiary will complete the checklist and any forms, include any documents required immediately and send the package back to the embassy.

Once received, the consulate will send a letter to the beneficiary confirming the date and time of the visa interview.

The beneficiary attends a medical interview

The beneficiary attends the visa interview. The interviewing officer will review all documents, ask questions, and make a decision on the case.

If approved, the K1 fiance visa will be issued that day or within the week, depending on the embassy.

The beneficiary will travel to the U.S. Within 6 months of the K1 fiance visa being issued.

At the port of entry, an immigration officer will review the paperwork and finalize the visa, allowing the beneficiary to officially enter the U.S.

The K1 fiance visa holder should apply for a Social Security number shortly after entering the U.S.

The couple may now apply for a marriage license. Watch your timing! Most states apply a short waiting period between applying for the license and the marriage ceremony.

The happy couple can now tie the knot! The marriage must take place within 90 days of activating the K1 visa.

If the foreign spouse is making a name change after marriage, take the new Social Security card and marriage certificate back to the Social Security Administration office to make a name change on the card.

Now it’s time to apply for an Adjustment of Status (AOS) to become a permanent resident. It is important to file for the AOS before the K1 expiry date, otherwise you will be out-of-status. If the foreign spouse wants to work in the U.S. Or travel outside the U.S. Before permanent resident status is granted, an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and/or Advance Parole (AP) must be filed along with the AOS.

Form I-485, to become a permanent resident. You may also apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work (required until your I-485 is approved) and “advance parole” in case you want to travel outside the United States and re-enter before getting your green card (I-485 approval).

He needs to make roughly $19,000 a yr, before taxes, in order to qualify to sponsor you. If he does not make this much, then a co sponsor can be used…who does meet the income requirements.
Don’t be in a great big hurry. Total processing time is between 8-12 months from the time you first file the application (much longer than the same process to the UK which averages 8 weeks)

Lists of fee’s…
Income guidelines

Your first green card is called a conditional green card. It is good for 2 yrs..and the condition is you are married to a US citizen. 3 months before your conditional green card runs out you need to apply to remove the conditions. This next green card is called an unconditional green card, and is good for 10 yrs.
Next..look at the date your very first green card was issued (the conditional one) then go forward 2 yrs 9 months. This is the earliest you can apply for citizenship. The citizenship process can take between 6 months and a yr depending on what part of the country you live in.

The fiance visa processing time can be between 8-12 months before your visa is even issued.

Good luck

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