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Ken asks…

fiance k1 visa to US?

hey guys, i am from australia and my fiancee from the US is petitioning for my green card. i have just sent my paperwork to sydney, and i was just wondering, if someone can give me a rough idea of wen they’ll call me back and set a date for my interview.. also, what should i take with me to the interview and how many days do i stay there??? hoping to hear something soon.. thanks!

Best Answer:

If the paperwork you mean is your completed forms saying your ready to be interviewed and is all the items requested on that page then in a few weeks time, i got mine in under 2 weeks of sending all the paperwork in. When you get your appointment date from them it will also come with a list of things you need to bring. When you go in you will need to go up the stairs i looked for the elevator and that only goes to floor 8. You then go to the checking station on floor 10 and hand in your mobile phone and anything metal then go through the detector after which you will be taken by security up to the floor and through another security door. Then you will take a number and see someone at the deck who will get your things ready and you wait to be called again this time for your interview. You will be asked questions (just a few) about your relationship,e.g. How long, where you first met, when you have seen each other, possibly birth dates etc. You will then be told if your accepted or not. If you are then you will recieve all your items back and the visa in a couple days. These will come express post in the self addresses bag you bring with you to the interview. Cost me 11 dollars. They will tell you this but do not open it. It must be taken with you and given to officers once you arrive in america if you have opened it you will be returned home.

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