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Question About US Fiance Visa Cost

Helen asks…

how much does it cost for a fiance visa?

how much does it cost to get a fiance visa. ive been told many different numbers of prices but how much does it cost for the visa and the paper.
my fiance is american and he’s the one that has to fill it out just curious how much it would cost.
i’m canadian btw also

Best Answer:

Fiance visa fee for the Czech Republic is 3,000 kuruny ..

Edit: I just gave that “stupid” answer to show the imporatance of details in questions.
I could now answer: there is no fiance visa for Canada, only spouses can apply for a Canadian visa since your question is still missing details, but anyhow:
The fee for filing a I-129F with US CIS is $ 455.00 ..
Once the petition is approved you will need to apply for the K-1 visa at the U.S. Embasy/Consulate in Canada. Fee: $ 350.00 ..
After getting married a I-485 application must be filed. Fee: $ 930 + $ 80 biometrics fee.

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