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Question About US Fiance Visa Cost

Michael asks…

How much does a fiancé visa cost?

I want to get a fiancé visa for my girlfriend she’s in Mexico. How long does the process take for her to be in the US?

Best Answer:

The I-129f petition costs $340 to file. There’s also a $340 interview fee at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez. Then, of course there’s the even more expensive I-485 adjustment of status form you’d need to file after you marry in the US to allow her to get her green card, which when you add the required biometrics fee is itself $1,070. Then there are various other things you’ll need to do, like get her an immigrant physical, among other things. So, actually, you’ll probably end up spending at least $2,000 before it’s all over. Tom was trying to be nice.

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