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Question About US Fiance Visa Denial

Richard asks…

If your K-1 visa is denied can you still visit the US as a tourist?

My fiance and I are getting ready to file for a K-1 visa for him, but we were wondering if the visa is denied for any reason would it effect him being able to visit me using his normal tourist visa? He’s English and just uses the esta waiver for our normal visits.
Well, he always goes back to England within the stipulated time, he hasn’t ever stayed more than a month and he’s allowed to be in the US for up to 90 days, so he shouldn’t be being eyed for overstaying. I want to know about future visits being affected if the K-1 visa we’re going to file is denied for any reason.
We’ve worked out the money and proof of relationship parts, it’s pretty much set, he’s just worrying about anything else going wrong and the after effects of that.

Best Answer:

Yes, if the consular official denies a visa request, it normally puts a cloud on other subsequent visa requests.

How dark a cloud depends on what caused the denial and how long ago it occurred.

Good luck.

Fred Wahl

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