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Question About US Fiance Visa Denial

Sandra asks…

Can my bf apply for a Fiance Visa even if he is in the Middle East and we don’t plan to get married yet?

I have been denied a US Visa 3x for 214B reasons even when the last application I already have given birth to an American baby.

My bf is an American and I gave birth to our daughter who was granted US Citizenship after presenting evidences; and got her US Passport. My bf is not mentioning anything about getting married. He is working in the Middle East, and we are not living together after I left the Middle East (I was 6 months pregnant then), we are only talking on text and chat. Now the baby is 5 months old. And my bf’s sick and old mother wants to see the baby but I do not know how I can enter the US.

Wouldn’t the previous denials of visa affect the consuls decision if I apply again for a tourist visa? Because of this thought, we are considering Fiance Visa, but the problem is, he’s not staying in the US.. and we are not talking/planning of getting married.

Not granting me a visa is like keeping my daughter off the border too.. and it is just heartbreaking.

Best Answer:

Well, in reality, yes, of course the previous 3 denials will certainly be a factor if you apply for another tourist visa. Not much point in getting the fiance visa if you don’t intend to marry. Plus, it takes more than 6 months to process the petition and get a visa interview, so it doesn’t provide anything like an immediate solution anyway.

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