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Question About US Fiance Visa Denial

Laura asks…

is this possible for fiance visa denial?

Abortion is not in good moral. my friend had an abortion 14 years ago, she is petitioned for fiance visa. is there any chance my friend be given a visa during her interview at US Embassy. My friend is just afraid if she would not be approved and enter to the US, And her fiance did not know this either, if she would be denied and also her family did not know this. and she might not be given a visa, she is afraid to tell the reason why she was not approved by the US Embassy

Best Answer:

Abortion is not a ground for denial.Diseases like AIDS or Hepatitis is a ground for denial.If she didn’t disclose it during the medical then how will they know?Does she have marks or scars that will show during her medical?During medical, she will be required to have a full body check and if the doctor notices any scars she might ask her what was the cause of it.Also on the medical form she will required to disclose any surgeries or operations she underwent in the past.Otherwise, if she has no marks or scars it will more likely go undetected.As long that she is legally free to marry and she has no criminal records I think she will do fine.She should concentrate more on the questions about her present relationship with her petitioner because most of the questions of the Consular Officer will be about it during the interview.

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