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Question About US Fiance Visa Financial Requirements

Daniel asks…

What are the details of the financial requirements for a USA fiancee visa?

Hello everyone. I am British and recently got engaged to an American. We have decided the next step will be for him to apply for a fiance visa for me to go over there and marry him. However, I have found there are certain financial requirements. He has just got a job and will be earning enough, but do you have to have been earning that already for a set amount of time, with proof of having done so for a certain amount of months? Or will it be OK that he will be earning that amount from now on? Also, could someone give US a breakdown of the process and how long each part should take (on average). Thank you so much, I really appreciate any help you give! Thanks!
HI Everyone,

Thanks for all you answers so far, but it was more about the length of time he would have to be earning for that I was hoping to find out. Would he need proof of earning for several months or something? (in order to get the fiancee visa should we choose to go down this route). Also, what is VWP, a couple of you have mentioned this? Thanks again, I appreciate all your help 🙂

Best Answer:

Most of the other answers are well intended but wrong on various details. One, your fiance doesn’t need to show an income of $19000 for you to get a fiancé visa. That’s for immigrant visas. This would be a K-1 visa and he might need to file an I-134 affidavit of support which requires him to show an income of at least $15,400 for the visa. Also, the interviewing officer doesn’t even have to require an affidavit of support, if he believes you aren’t likely to be a public charge based on your education, work experience and English language ability.

You could possibly go to the US to marry and stay, if your fiancé files the proper paperwork, the I-130 and the I-485 adjustment of status form. Interesting to see Brother advise that, he usually goes the other way. However, they let you in, which they won’t if they know that’s your intention, and assuming both forms are approved, which is more likely but not a guarantee, you’d get your green card without going back. You’d still run into the income issue at $19,000+ at that point, but it is possible to get a close friend or relative to file an I-864 affidavit of support as a joint sponsor. Keep in mind, that the filing fees on these two forms runs well over $1,400.

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