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Ruth asks…

Will US Immigrations grant a Fiance Visa for Internet Couples?

My fiance and I met on the Internet. On yahoo actually. We have been dating for almost a year. We have webcameras, and talk on teh phne all the time. I cannot afford to go to Nigeria to get married. And he needs a visa to enter the United States. We intent to file an I-29F form, which will alow him to enter the US for three months at which time we must get married. But on the form it says you must havemet withing 2 years, unless it would prove extrewme hardship. I’m in college and going there would make me m miss many classes and financial Aid. Does anyone know if there is a case like this, that the US Immigrations Dept. has granted the couple a fiance visa? Please this is urgent… I’ll appreciate any help … And by the way, before you ask, no he is not a scammer, i am sure of that… Contact me by IM if you’d like.. Thanks so much..
Yahoo ID: brittanybgulley

Best Answer:

I did exactly the same thing and am living in the USA right now, being married to my American husband right now.
There are a few things you need to do before filing the I-129f.

Make sure you meet and make a lot of pictures together.
When he enters the US, let him not give to much info and just go in line and have him say he’s visiting a friend.( which you are)
They won’t approve his visa if you don’t have proof of meeting, preferably in each others countries. Save all e-mails, regular mail, phone bills and make copies.
I’ll e-mail you, because I know exactly what you should do.
So much to be aware of, it’s going to make my answer very long.
Check the website below, I used it to download forms and get on the forum to ask questions all the time. There will be American/Nigerian couples that can tell you about the consulate in Nigeria as well.
Good luck on the journey!!!!

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