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Question About US Fiance Visa Income Requirements

Thomas asks…

About K1 Fiance Visa Problem?

Im planning to bring my wife who holds a australian passport, however, in order to bring her to here i need a tax report that has to be met the minimum income 15000. i dont have that much,i heard they said you dont have to hand your tax report untill we get married in US. Is that ture, or i have to hand my tax report with all other applications before she can step into US?

Best Answer:

To obtain the fiance visa, you have to prove you have sufficient income to support your fiance, and that takes more than an income of $15K! Without sufficient income and proof of it, you cannot fulfill the requirements of the affidavit of support, and cannot obtain the visa. If you are already married, you still need that affidavit of support before you can obtain the K3 spousal visa for her.

Remember, the affidavit of support constitutes a bond in the amount of $30,000 — you are guaranteeing that you remain on the hook for her support for 10 years.

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