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Question About US Fiance Visa Timeline

Mark asks…

Is it okay to let a US fiance visa expire and won’t get married within 90 days? PLEASE READ DETAILS?

My boyfriend is a US citizen and I’m not. I already applied for tourist visa but I sadly got denied. I don’t want to reapply again. My bf already visited twice in the Philippines. He just visited this month January 2014. Now, my bf wants me to visit him through fiance visa so that I will be able to meet his family as well but will not get married there. First because he wants the Catholic Philippine wedding. Second we are both spiritually inclined-I’m Catholic and he’s undergoing his RCIA right now in the US for him to become Catholic. Now we are already in our 1 year and 1 month in our relationship and of course things need to be planned already.

Probable timeline
Get engaged September 2014
Process fiance visa
June 2015 – fiance visa approved, I fly to USA (for the “purpose” of meeting his parents and wont get married)
Before fiance visa expires, fly back together to the Philippines and get married December 2015 the Catholic Philippine way.
January 2016 process spousal visa

Will we face consequences in case we fly back to USA and then immigration will find out we were not married under the fiance visa while I stayed there on June 2015 but we are already married in the Philippines?

I need true answers. No negative comments please. Thank you.

Best Answer:

If you do not get married during the time frame of the fiance visa then you will be DENIED any further Visas or applications to enter the US again. To include after you get married.

The ONLY purpose of a fiance visa is to get married. That’s it. Not to meet the in laws, not to visit Disney, not to ski Colorado.

ETA: absolutely. If you are already married than you cannot request a fiance visa at all to do so is fraud. You would need to request a SPOUSE visa. If you come over, on a FV, do not get married, then leave , get married later then try and come back in, againYOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO as you VIOLATED the terms of the fiance visa. As such you will NOT be eligible for a spouse visa.

Sheesh just come over as a tourist for the max of 90 days ( no visa required under ESTA/Visa waiver Program) meet the in laws then go about things the right way.

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