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Question About US Fiance Visa Timeline

Sharon asks…

time line after Visa is issued?

How long do you have, to get a fiance into the country after she has her Fiance Visa issued to her,,is there a timeline,, she needs to be here within 6 months or 3 months 1 year..

Best Answer:

I was issued before a K-1 visa valid for 6 months.I went to the US on the 5th month and was given 90 days to get married upon arrival here in the US. Just make sure to check on the validity of her K-1 visa.Most gets 6 months but I have known some who were given less than 6 months.Please remember that her visa is for one time use only and once she enters the US the date stated on her I-94 will be the number of days she could legally stay in the US and not the expiration date of her K-1 visa.

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