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Question About US Fiance Visa Tips

William asks…

what are your tips in acquiring US tourist visa. im philippine passport holder and anurse?

im a newly board passer from the Philippines. no work yet. what are your tips on how to grant a US tourist visa. FYI, i have no plans of working in the US, just plainly touring and to meet my fiance‘s family before we get married this year. my concern is have no enough evidence on how to prove them that i am only for tour and also, my boyfriend is shouldering the expenses. so what do you think i need to bring? or do? tips pls.:(

Best Answer:

Realistically…. Young, female, engaged to a US Citizen, new nurse graduate… Your chances of getting a visa are between slim and none.

You’ll need to find some way to demonstrate to the US embassy that you have a compelling reason to return to the Philippines. The law puts the burden of proof on you.

Things like “show money” are useless. That won’t impress anyone in the US embassy no matter what your friends/family/fellow graduates tell you.

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