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Laura asks…

how to get US papers!!!!?

o.k so my question is how can i get my US papers
so i can get a state id and ss and drivers license like my friends..

well my parents brougth me here to this country (u.s.a)- (chicago ill) at the age of 3
i am 17 goin to be 18 in august and about to be a senior in high school
i need my diploma !!! migth help

and yes i speak very good english and spanish and soon french by school..

so any one help!!!!! any tips things i should do!!

Best Answer:

The only way to adjust status is to be petitioned by your US citizen parents, fiance or wife or husband. If you go back to whatever country you are from you MAY be able to obtain a VISITORS visa and come to the US for a short period of time. This can be acheived but MAY be quite difficult as you must show you are not intending to become an immigrant to the US.

If you decide to stay in the US after you are 18 1/2 and your USC spouse petitions you, you will have to go through consular processing in your country and apply for a waiver.

For more information go to
you will find a wealth of knowledge on this topic
good luck

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