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Question About US Fiancee Visa

Michael asks…

possible and fastest way to visit US to meet my boyfriendother than fiancee visa?

I and my boyfriend wants to be together atleast a couple of days in USA other than getting for fiance visa. I am filipina , graduate of tourism, and it is one of my dreams to tour USA 🙂
Anyone could advise me what to do and so sure that I can go there.

Best Answer:

Apply for a visitors Visa is about the fastest and most trouble free.
Apply for a short Visa of 3 month or less – 1 month is good.

“Visiting Family and Friends” (VFF)
You get a letter of invitation, offering accommodation, and to show you around etc to include in the application. Then you won’t need much of an itinerary or money etc.
No need to mention any engagement, or there will be a whole lot of other stuff you have to do, and it could take ages.

Whether or not you will get a Visa depends entirely on you, and US Immigration.

Apart from your desire to tour USA, it should be your boyfriends responsibility to travel to you. It should also be his responsibility to organise all the paperwork needed. Be careful!

As a graduate of tourism, you should know all this. Must be a really crappy degree

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