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Question About US Fiancee Visa For Uk Citizen

George asks…

I’m a US citizen with a pregnant British fiancee having our baby in the UK, what visa should we marry on?

My girlfriend and i have been in a relationship for the past year, after meeting in the US while she was on vacation. She last came to visit me in October for 3 months during which time i proposed and we got engaged. Our plan was for her to return to the UK and we immediately apply for a fiancee visa so she can return and and marry asap. However we have just discovered now that she is back in the UK that she is pregnant with my child. We are over the moon but it does change things slightly. She is having the baby in the UK due in July, and then i want to go and get her and my baby and bring them back to the US with me to live. I’m worried about waiting a long time for visas to be processed etc, and would rather she entered the US as a visitor with the baby and we just get married asap. She is worried about going through the correct channels and basically committing visa fraud by getting wed on a VWP (visa waiver) for visitors. Can anyone suggest the best way to go about things?pls help

Best Answer:

The best way is the legal way, obviously. Based on what you’ve said, she appears to need a K-1 fiance visa which you can start working on right now for her return to the U.S. In the summer.

You need to submit form I-129f to CIS on her behalf. If she entered the U.S. As a visitor and married you, that would create a presumption of fraud due to the quick sequence of events, i.e., entry followed by marriage. Clearly she would not be seen as a true visitor for pleasure if she entered the U.S. As a visitor and started doing things associated with staying forever.

Let her do the right thing, i.e., obtain a K-1 visa and enter as a fiance. After all, that’s what she is.

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