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Question About US Fiancee Visa For Uk Citizen

Linda asks…

As a UK citizen is it best to apply for a temp work visa inside or outside the US?

I’m 24 (in 3 weeks) and when I graduate in July I’d like to go over and work in California. My boyfriend is a US citizen but were not as far as fiancee or spouse visas.
Is it best to try and secure a US job from the UK and then apply for a temp work visa or to go to the US on a visa waiver and apply for the temp work visa over there?
I know some people out there who should be able to help me find a job but I’m not sure the best way to go about it.
Are there any other routes I’m not aware of that might be able to get me over to be with my boyfriend and to work in my chosen field.


Best Answer:

You can’t get a work visa from inside the US. You need to find a job first then have your employer sponsor you for a visa.

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