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Question About US Fiancee Visa For Uk Citizen

Donald asks…

UK Fiancee Visa or UK Marriage Visa for a US Citizen?

My Fiancee and I are planning to get married in August in the US then shortly afterwards she will travel and live with me in the UK.
I was just wondering what is the best visa to get? We were thinking of the following 2 options…..

1) MARRIAGE VISA – We were thinking of legally getting married then having our wedding afew months later so then we would have time for the visa to be processed.
2) FIANCEE VISA – We were thinking of applying for a Fiancee Visa, getting married in the US then travelling to UK and then getting married in a registry office ASAP.

Could anyone please let me know what we be the quickest and easiest, or if you have any ideas we haven’t thought about?

Many Thanks

Best Answer:

Getting married first and getting a spousal visa would be faster. It doesn’t take long to get either visa, I know of one couple who got it in less than a week, but if she comes to the UK on a fiance visa you will have more paperwork here. Make sure you bring proof of having a home for her to live in and proof that you earns enough to support her.

You can’t bring her to the UK on a fiancee visa if you marry her in the USA. Doing that would void her visa.

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