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Lizzie asks…

K1 visa help! Im Georgian, hes Canadian.?

Hi, I am Georgian and my boyfriend is Canadian. We are thinking about the K1 (fiancee visa) as it seams to be the “right” way to go since we want to be married. Rather then me just going down there and getting married and staying and risking the legal issues.. I was wondering if anyone has actual experience with it and can help US out. Once he files for the papers can we visit each other? Does it take up to 6 months or longer for the papers to get processed? I understand that once I fill out the papers I have to wait for months to get an interview and then many more months after that to wait for approval. Then if I get the visa, I cant legally work for about a year because thats how long it takes to get citizenship…We are planing for me to move there. Is this information right? Any faster or easier ways? Can we really not visit each other from the time he requests the paperwork and I get the visa??

Thanks for your time!! God bless.

Best Answer:

The K1 Fiance visa is for the fiancee’s of American Citizens.

You will have to identify, then apply for the visa that the Canadian government issues, to allow its citizens to sponsor their foreign fiancee’s.

Good luck.

Fred Wahl

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