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Question About US K1 Visa Interview Questions

Sandra asks…

HELP!!! K1 Visa Question!!!?


I have a question on filling K1 Visa. I am US citizen and my fiancee is Canada Citizen. I am planning on filling K1 visa shortly and was told that it will take prox 3-6 months to process and 1-2 months for the interview to be scheduled.

1. Can we travel during process of K1 Visa?
My fiancee and I have to visit south Korea for wedding in May 2008. or do we need to be present at our own country?

2. Can I (US Citizen) visit my fiancee in Vancouver during process of K1?
Since they won’t allow her to visit US, I am planning on visiting her in Vancouver.

3. Can we travel after we have been approved but waiting for Interview date?
I am worried that we have to visit Korea in May 2008 while we are waiting for the interview date.

All feedback will help at this point since I don’t know much about K1 visa. Thank you so much.

Best Answer:

You can both travel anywhere you like as long as that country is willing to admit you both.
There is no reason you can’t visit your fiancee in Canada, your application to bring your fiancee to America won’t matter to them at all. If Canadian immigration think you might overstay in Canada your application to bring her to the US would actually help.
You can travel while waiting for the interview date but consider that she might miss her interview if you are out of the country.

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