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Question About US K1 Visa Interview Questions

Mandy asks…

K1 Visa Questions?

I have a few questions regarding the K1 visa process:

How long does the process usually take? From filling out the forms to arrival in the USA?

Second, and perhaps most importantly, is it possible for one, as the US Citizen petitioner, to do what needed to be done in the US, and then go and wait with one’s fiance in his/her country?

I certainly hope so. I can’t imagine having to wait in the US without seeing one’s fiance, with no end in sight.
Oh boy… better clarify. I (the she) am the American. He is Venezuelan. Not sure how Germany came up (although we are considering moving there) 6 to 8 months is a looooong time to be apart in my opinion

Best Answer:

Six to eight months is not all that unusual once the petition has been filed. Certainly, the American can come visit you while you’re waiting. He’s an American and pretty much free to travel as he wishes. He can be there when the interview takes place, if you like, although there’s no legal requirement for him to be there and usually the petitioner is in the US when the interview takes place. Of course, if he’s there the entire time, he’ll probably be pretty broke by the time the interview takes place. You might wind up supporting him.

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