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Question About US K1 Visa Medical Requirements

James asks…

Need help which is faster K1/K3 visa I’m a lady from Philippines.?

HI every1 I am a working lady from Philippines. Has US citizen Bf for 1 year. Haven’t meet him in person, only constant online conversation. His determine to visit me here within this year and planning to get married here in my country. However, I want to have more ideas on what will be the best thing to do, filing for K1 visa and marry him in US or marry him here in my country and apply for K3 visa. Either K1 or K3 which is easy to process and what are the requirements. I highly appreciate your help. God Bless U all…
HeLLo guys.. thank U very much for all the answers provided. well, I’m taking all in consideration. To U who gave an opinion, that sounds negative, thank U too. However…, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to marry him ‘coz of what Ur thinkin.. okay, like I said it’s just a plan, and that’s Y i’m here to gather all ideas, esp what will b the consequences in every action that I will make, well, anywayz… No harm done it’s Ur point of U., though U do not know me Well… it’s fine.. God bless U’LL…

Best Answer:

The K1 lets you visit the USA, see his home, meet his friends and family, then get married in the USA, a more informed choice. The K3 lets you get married in the philippines, have a nice wedding and reception, show off your new hubby to friends and family. Both will take about the same time to process, about 1 year.

If you get married in the philippines, a IR visa is much better than the K3, because with the IR you are done after the interview in Manila, with the K3, you must adjust status in the USA, and it will take an additional 4 months or so and $1000 or so, plus another medical exam and report in the USA, they basically review all the documents for the K3 over again when they adjust status. So if you are thinking about the K3, you should consider that even if the IR visa takes 2 months longer than the K3, it will be 2 months quicker to get your work permit, resident card, etc.. + you will save about $1000 getting the IR visa in Manila, rather than a K3 visa you will later need to ‘adjust’ to get a permanent resident card in usa.

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