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Question About US K1 Visa Medical Requirements

Richard asks…

About K1 Visa Requirements! PLEASE HELP!?

We started the I-129 on August 18 and now Im waiting for the NO2. My fiance in Philippines is leaving next month (October 22) will be going to Australia for vacation (approximately 3 months) will be back on January.

Now my concerns are – would there be any problem/ or should I ask, will the Immigration in the Philippines wait for you at your own phase to prepare all the requirements to be passed? or should we start to prepare all the requirements now and let her relative send the requirements to the immigration because she is out of the country? (Original passport would be a problem if needed to be passed. and medical examination)

Anyone could tell US any advise on this please. Would there be any problem?

Best Answer:

I am an international matchmaker and have helped many thousands of Filipina – American couples find each other. When marriage results, my couples often ask advice on how to accomplish immigration, and reunite in the USA

She is probably ok to enjoy her holiday, and have her medical and interview in Manila after she returns.

The way it works is as follows:

a. USCIS is reviewing your I-129F Petition. On average this takes about 2-3 months. However, sometimes faster (only 1 month), sometimes slower (5 + months).

B. Once USCIS approves, she has 4 months in which to attend her interview in Manila. At least a week prior to the scheduled interview she must have her physical at St. Lukes.

If your petition is approved after 3 months by USCIS, on Nov 18, she would have to have her interview by March 18.

If your petition is approved after only 2 months by USCIS, on October 18, she would have to have her interview by February 18.

So, looks like her vacation to Australia, and return to Phil in January is manageable. And of course, should USCIS approve faster, then she can always cut her trip short.

At the interview she needs to hand carry with her a few things, such as her passport, evidence of the relationship, your affidavit of support, and some completed forms. These are all pretty easy to put together, now and later.

In addition she needs to bring in a Police Certificate, CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage) and her original Birth Certificate. These are all issued by NBI in the Philippines, and sometimes take a month or so to obtain. So if she does not have these yet, she should order them now before she departs, so they will be available when she needs them.

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