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Question About US K1 Visa Timeline

John asks…

K1 filing first petition problem?

I am in the process of filing for a K1 fiance visa. I was recently in Algeria for 3months and returned, in order to take the trip I had to quit my job. Now back in the States filing it brings up current employment of which I have been searching but have not found. Can I file without employment and add it to the other petitions also using a co-sponsor later. Or will lack of job slow or possible make the petiton more deniable? Im trying to find a job but been 8 days with tons of applications and still no call backs

Best Answer:

The timeline of a K1 Fiancee Visa is that the sponsors (your) financial eligibility is not examined until the fiance attends his interview at the US consulate handling the case.

??Can I FILE without a job.

Yes you can. And if you acquire a job while the petition is pending, you can use it to prove you are financially eligible at the interview.

??Can I pass the Consulate interview without a job. And use a Joint-sponsor.

Maybe. Most consulates allow you to use a join-sponsor. BUT now all do. The way to find out is to contact the consulate directly and ask.

For more details on financial eligibility see


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