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Question About US K3 Visa

Michael asks…

my wife is entering the US on a K3 visa How long will it take US to clear customs in LAX ?

We will be arriving at Tom Brady Intrnational Airport on a Thursday at 7:40 pm and have an outbound plane to catch at 12:50 am. Will we make it with no probs?

Best Answer:

When did you get married? If you just got married your going to most likely run into problems. Here is some info that might help you.

Marriage Visa ~ The K3 Visa

Immigration Based on Marriage
The Marriage Visa ( also known as the K3 Visa or Spousal Visa ) was created to help reduce long delays in USCIS ( formerly the INS ) processing for bringing a foreign spouse into the U.S. Before the new K3 Marriage Visa regulations went into effect in August 2001, it was almost always a mistake for an American citizen to marry overseas and then petition to immigrate his foreign bride. Previously, it took up to two years or more to process the immigrant spousal visa. Many complained that a two-year separation from a spouse in every case was excessive. The new K3 visa regulations have helped to shorten the processing time for a spousal visa from years to months. K3 visa regulations are patterned after Fiancee Visa (K1 Visa) regulations for bringing a fiancee to the US first, before marriage.
While it is true the processing time has been reduced, it still takes several months on average to process the K3 visa. Americans often believe incorrectly that they can marry overseas and obtain a marriage visa for their foreign spouses on short notice, then board the next plane together headed for the U.S. What they fail to consider is that in the eyes of the USCIS and US Consulates abroad there are plenty of undesirable foreigners who want to obtain a “green card” and live in the U.S. Permanently. Immigration officials often do not want foreigners to immigrate, married or not. From their point of view, your case is the same as any other and each case must be examined in detail.

Some foreigners have criminal records while others have communicable diseases. Still others do not have sincere intentions and will do almost anything — including marrying an American — in order to obtain a US green card. The U.S. Tries to prevent all immigration it believes will harm U.S. Interests.

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