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Question About US K3 Visa Interview Questions

Mark asks…

Questions about filing a K3 Visa for my fiance from Philippines?

My wife and I are now living in the Philippines and I would like to start the process for bringing her to the US. I have some questions about the process. How long after I submit the I-30 form to petition for her to come to the US will I get an acknowledgment and is there always an interview scheduled for me to attend after my ! 30 is accepted?
Can I do this on my own or do I need a company to fill out the forms for me?
How long does each step take?
I am hoping someone that has gone through this process recently can give me an idea of what I can expect.

Best Answer:

Go online to “” to get the 325 bio papers & fill them out with her. Check out the timeline of processing her papers. If you do them yourself expect twice the time. Look forward to at least 9 months to a year 🙁
Get plenty of proof of the marriage & your stay here. You will need this to prove you have been here & met her ! ? Get your NOS certified copies of the marriage with as many extra copies as you can get.
She will have to go to Manila for the interview & medical by herself.
One thing to remember when she goes into the interview is that they will ask her why she married you. She HAS to answer “Because I love him” If she says because I want to go to the US she will be turned down & can NEVER come to the US.
I think you have to file the papers in the US but not 100% certain.
For help on the forms Google “” or contact me via my pulse here on answers. I don’t charge anything.
But the best advice I always give is to hire an Immigration Lawyer in the US for the fastest & easiest results.
Good luck

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